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Will solar panels damage my roof?

by | May 14, 2024 | Solar Panels

When the installation is done by an experienced licensed installer then no your roof will not be damaged.

Solar systems are fitted using special feet which usually use the existing screw lines of tin/Colourbond roofs or special stainless feet that slide under roof tiles.

The panels are attached using clips that bolt onto the panels’ edge and into the metal rails fixed to the mounting brackets. These specially designed brackets allow easy removal and maintenance if the areas under the newly installed panels need to be accessed.

For tile roofs It is generally required to grind a small section of the underneath of the roof tile in order that it lies flat when it is placed back.

In general the panels offer a little extra protection to the roof and also prevent that section of roof from getting as hot as the solar panels absorb the suns rays and have a clearance of up to 100mm between the panel and the roof.