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Creating Solar Technology
For The Future

Future solar technology will be the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly source of electrical power.

Solar energy is the perfect alternative to fossil fuels as it is made directly from sunlight. There are no greenhouse gases omitted in the production of solar electricity, and other than needing a source of sunshine to function, it uses no other resources. Clean and renewable, it is one way to power your home that benefits the environment.

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint and being kind to the environment, a home solar solution is a smart financial investment. Not only does it save you money on electricity in the long term, but it adds value to your home. Plus, costs of installing a a home solar solution have fallen dramatically, more than 70% in the last decade; and thanks to a number of tax credits and rebates, it is becoming increasingly accessible for all.

How do I reduce my bill to zero?

Don’t be fooled into buying bigger and bigger solar systems – that isn’t the long term solution.

Smartgrid spent the first six years installing systems for other companies.  you might be surprised how many larger solar companies use contractors to install.  It wasn’t unusual a few years ago to swap shirts halfway through the day to install a system for a different company.  The rebate in those days was more than the cost of the solar panels so the more they sold the more they made.  The rebate is still pretty high so many companies still try and sell you a lot of panels, promising it will reduce your bill to zero but will it?

Now that so many systems are connected the contribution to the grid during the day is almost dominated by solar.  This forces the wholesale price of electricity down during the middle of the day and it is normal for the price of electricity on the wholesale market to be negative for much of the day.

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Large generators of electricity turn off during this time, if they can, because it costs them money to export.  It can’t be too long before this is passed on to the end user and the feed-in tariff will be zero or even negative.  Does this mean you shouldn’t consider solar?  Not at all.

The price of electricity is going up.  The price of feed-in is going down.  What is the best approach for the future.  Obviously storage will be the key long term but correctly sizing your system is also a great way to start.  One of the best ways to deal with the problem is to consider going with a VPP.  VPP or Virtual Power Plant means that you get together with lots of other battery owners and your excess power is sold when the spot price is really high (usually 6pm to 10pm and 6am to 9am).  During the day when the price is very low or negative your battery gets charged.  All of this happens automatically so you don’t need to monitor when or how to buy or sell.  over 90% of customers experience zero electricity bills when they sign up to Discover Energy, which is the VPP used by Smartgrid.

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At Smartgrid, we take the time to personalise each and every Off Grid Solution we install. We only work with the best Off Grid equipment manufacturers, including Victron and Selectronic, with storage products from BYD and Pylontech. These products have performed well during a long term test by the Canberra Institute of Technology (ten year test), outperforming products from Tesla and LG.

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Reduce your electricity bill with Grid Connect. Solar panels installed on your home connect straight to the grid.

Store excess power for later use in your property with Hybrid Solar Grid Connect, connecting panels and battery power.

Keep your home running with a high quality electricity supply without reliance on external energy providers.

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