Standard Solar Grid Connect

The most common solar solution, a grid connect will help reduce your power bill and your carbon footprint.
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Standard Solar Grid Connect

The standard solar grid connection is the most common and widely used installation type in Australia and is primarily installed to reduce your electricity bill.
They are connected to the public electricity grid, and export any excess electricity generated.

Standard solar grid connections do not require batteries and use solar inverters or micro-inverters.
The most common size installation is a 5kW inverter with 6.6kW of solar panels, for a few reasons:

Maximum Power

5kW is usually the maximum amount of power the network provider will accept without insisting on power limitation devices

QLD Approved

In QLD, Energex and Ergon usually approve a 5kW inverter automatically but will delay approval of larger systems in order to perform network studies, or insist on power limitation devices

Evolving Solar Panels

5kW is considered standard because it used to take 24 panels to achieve 6.6kW and most houses can’t accommodate more than that. Now that solar panels are getting more efficient we can achieve 6.6kW with as little as 16 panels.

Standard Solar Grid Connect
Ergon & Energex Energy

Expected Savings


Solar Energy

A properly installed 5kW system in Queensland can generate 25 units per day, contributing to a daily electricity savings of $7.25, or $2,646 per year.

Standard Costing


Electricity Bills

In Queensland, you can expect to pay around $0.21/kWH for electricity, with the average quarterly electricity bill in Queensland being $389.10*.

*source: Compare the Market Bill Shock Tracker survey of 1,501 Australian adults, September 2021.


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When Daniel was building his new house he wanted to cater for all his energy needs for now and the future.  He approached the largest wholesaler of solar equipment and asked them to recommend a top quality installer.  Smartgrid worked with Daniel to install a 15kW three phase solution. 

Daniel – Caboolture

Frequently Asked Questions


How much energy can I use?

In reality, it’s very difficult to use of all the power captured because it’s generated during the day when the sun in shining, while most people are at work.

However, making smart decisions like timing your electric hot water to heat and your appliances to run during these day time hours will help use more of the energy generated by your standard solar gird connect system.


Do solar panels have to feed back into the grid?

Electricity will only feed back into the grid if there is a surplus, meaning that your home has been supplied with suffience energy and there is power left over.


How can I store the solar energy that I capture?

Storing excess solar energy requires a Grid Connect with Storage system, also known as a Hybrid solution. This system operates in the same way as the Standard Solar Grid Connection, but can store the excess power in a battery for later use.


Can I add a battery at later date if needed?

The short answer… yes! Batteries work independently to the solar panels so they can be added to any existing system.

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