Off Grid Solar Solutions

If access to energy is difficult, expensive or unreliable, our Off Grid Solar Solutions provide reliable, dependable electricity for any situation.
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There are numerous reasons for going ‘Off Grid’ and include environmental reasons and the high cost of getting electricity from the grid to your property.

There are many options for Off Grid systems but most share very similar components:

A renewable source of energy, such as sunshine

Equipment to capture renewable energy such as solar panels

Equipment to convert the energy into usable values such as an inverter

Equipment to store energy such as batteries

Equipment to convert stored energy back into usable power like an inverter or charger

When all of the equipment is put together professionally, you’re off-grid

Choosing the Right

Off Grid Solution

Off Grid systems need to be designed with much more care and detail than a Grid connection.

Off the shelf systems have their place, particularly when a customer has done their research and knows what capacity is required and what limitations the system has.  For full time off-grid living, an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution could result in power and storage issues, including:

Requiring more power from the system than it is capable of producing.

Unexpected shutdowns due to insufficient storage capacity (too small for the load).

Not enough stored power could lead to reliance on a generator.

These issues can be avoided by choosing a quality installer who operates in your region, who knows the products well and can advise on every aspect of the job. Smartgrid does just that.

The design should include a detailed list of all electrical appliances in the home and your usage patterns. Specific information regarding generator usage and budget for battery storage should also be carefully considered.  With modern Lithium storage options it is possible to start smaller and assess how often the generator kicks in.  If too often then you can always add storage.


The Prospector systems are pre-assembled, fully tested and are ready for your electrician to simply plug in.

They start at 3kVA and even the smallest system can run a 15A welder in the middle of nowhere.


The Compact takes up 70 x 70cm floorspace but can produce up to 100kWh per day and store up to 20kWh in the battery cabinet. AC and DC coupled combining large daytime capacity with black start reliability.

Compact’s come fully assembled, tested and just need wheeling into place by your electrician.

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of battery is used for energy storage?

Most storage options today lean towards modern chemistry such as Lithium Ion Phosphate rather than lead/acid, although lead acid is still preferred by some.  


What happens when the battery is full?

In the event that your solar battery becomes full it will stop absorbing power from the solar system. The solar panels will continue to operate and create electricity, but that power will not be used or stored until there is available energy demand, or battery space.


What type of property can an Off Grid solution support?

Off Grid can power equipment as simple as a bore pump supply, or provide power to modern luxury houses and everything in between.  


What size battery do I need to go completely Off Grid?

Every property will be different, but typically you should consider 600-800 amp hours of capacity. We will be able to suggest the appropriate size battery for you, when considering your needs and usage patterns.

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