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What is an inverter?

by | Jul 3, 2024 | Solar Inverters

What is an inverter and what does it do?

An inverter is a device which takes the electricity produced by the solar panels and converts it to 230V AC to match the grid electricity at your property.  If you are off grid then there can be a number of inverters.  With AC coupled systems the same inverter is required to convert the solar panels to 230V AC and another inverter is needed to convert the battery DC to 230V AC also.

Do I need a solar inverter?

Yes you do if you need AC power. Without an inverter, the electricity your solar panels produce isn’t usable for most homes.

You can have a solar panel work without an inverter if you only need DC power. While most home appliances rely on AC power, some can be powered with DC power, like your mobile and laptop.

Does a solar inverter use a lot of electricity?

A single solar inverter can use as much as 40 watts. This is even when not in use, such as at nighttime. It is important it is to know about your inverter power use so you can make informed decisions when purchasing.