Solar Rebates June 2024

by | Jun 28, 2024 | Solar Rebates

Understanding STCs

Small generation units (small-scale solar, wind or hydro systems)

You can calculate the number small-scale technology certificates (STCs) you will be entitles to when purchasing your new solar system by visiting the Clean Energy Regulator Government website.
Here is the Link:
This link will take you directly to the calculator, put in the information they request and you will be told how many STCs you are entitled to.

Each STC is currently worth $38.50 at the time of writing this 30/6/2024.
Please note that STCs can only be created within 12 months of the installation of an eligible system. When they say eligible system, they mean one that meets the criteria for Australian Safety Standards etc. You also need to use an approved installer to be eligible.

At present this is the only rebate available, please don’t be misled by false or misleading advertising about state rebates and approved post codes. This is a federal rebate and available in every postcode. The battery rebate ended in May this year and there has been no word about another scheme as yet. If the government does bring in another battery rebate, we will update this information.

Most systems we are installing at present are around 13 – 15kW, which should be fine for an average family of 4’s daily use. If you have extra power consumption needs, such as pool or spa pumps/heaters or you use a lot of air conditioning or heating then you would need a larger system.

I did a test based on a 15kW system with a 7 year deeming period and was advised I would receive 145 STCs.
Using the current rate of $38.50 x 145 = $5,582.50 this is the projected amount rebate.

You should be aware that:

  • the calculator does not take into account all of the variables which may affect the calculation of the STCs for an installation, and
  • the calculator is based on data which may be updated from time to time and therefore results using the calculator may vary over time.