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Best solar panels on the market

by | May 18, 2024 | Solar Panels

This varies but typically panels listed as ‘Tier 1’ generally perform well and are good value.  A Tier 1 solar panel is a panel that is made by a manufacturer that has been rated as Tier 1 by a reputable independent PV industry analyst.

The majority of these are produced in China and exported worldwide.  There are a few panels not produced in China, such as Sunpower from the USA which can have up to 40 years warranty, however the cost of these panels is significantly higher than the good quality Chinese brands.

Many people don’t want to use products made in China but the quality of the panels being produced are good quality and reliable, with good warranties.

I can not speak for other installers, but we don’t use anything that does not meet safety and building standards. As we do the installation and the servicing, it is good business sense to use only the best products.